Hi there! Thank you for visiting us! Unfortunately...

My masters are still busy with clients. They can't even finish their own website :(

That's why they send me here, to play with you!

But don't worry they still accept any projects!

You can get in touch by clicking here
Unlike me, They don't bite! Guaranteed!

Oh anyway, you know what my masters do, right?

That's right, Genius! They build awesome websites!

Oh, they also create logos, banners, business cards..err.. all digital stuffs!

Expensive? no, no, no! Sorry to disappont but it's very affordable!

What?! My master isn't Chuck Norris! He kicks asses not making websites!

Y u no check my masters' work by clicking here?

If you like me, don't forget to like their facebook page, OK?

Now, if you'll excuse me...

Geez, This is tiring!

am I running in circle? Nah..

Oh, you're still here?

You must like watching me, huh?

OK, let's have a chat then!

My name is Mika. and yours?

Nice name! You must be a good looking person!

Eh? Do you really wanna know what my masters are doing?

Fine... I'll show you the way (why nobody wants to play with me? Aren't I cute enough?)

Bye, Amigo.. I'll miss you :(